Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sharing Shared Videos

Moonlight Chill was created out of a love of good music and the desire to share the music I love with a wider audience. At no point did I ever expect that audience to be anything more than a handful of people who stumbled across my channel. The fact that thousands of people have now subscribed to the channel, and that the channel now has millions of views, still astonishes me. It is good to share my musical tastes with others - as eclectic as those tastes are.

One of the privileges of having so many subscribers is that when I do produce new videos I have a ready made audience to view those videos and to get the ball rolling by recommending those videos to friends on YouTube, Facebook and Google+. 

Anybody who produces a new YouTube video faces an uphill battle to gain even a handful of views simply due to the number of new videos that they are competing with. One of the methods that some people use to publicise their new videos is to share them with other channels in the hope that they will enjoy the video and then help to spread the word. Moonlight Chill regularly receives requests to share new videos with subscribers but, as someone who notoriously neglects keeping up to date with inbox messages and comments, I have not done anything about these requests to date.

I have decided to start posting some of the shared videos on this blog to provide a helping hand to other video producers. I wont be able to post every video shared with Moonlight Chill, nor would I want to. I will try to strike the right balance between keeping the shared videos within the context of the Moonlight Chill channel, while also including new ideas and content to spread the boundaries of what is offered.

I wont make any promises as to how often I will post shared videos. Moonlight Chill is a labour of love carried out in my (limited) spare time. For the most part it is a selfish indulgence that I use to enjoy listening to music I love rather than spending time creating or posting. However, I will do my best!