Monday, 24 November 2014

Isle Of View - a music video poem by duvid

Time to share another beautiful video that was shared with me on Moonlight Chill. This video is a very clever music video poem. The creator has chosen a beautiful and relaxing piece of music and set it to amazing shots of nature and the words of a beautiful poem.

Just as with the previous shared video, this video was sent to me over two years ago, and as with the last one I can't believe that it has so few views. It deserves far more. Please take a look and then have a look around Duvid's channel.

The video that he shared is called Isle Of View:

I would like to thank Duvid for sharing this video with me, and through it his channel. I only wish I had looked earlier as it really is a beautifully calm and relaxing piece of music, as are the others on his excellent YouTube Channel.