Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Another One Bites The Dust - Video Blocked

Sadly another video has been blocked on YouTube - 'Adagio for Strings - Samuel Barber: Relaxing Grass In the Wind.'

Samuel Barber's piece, performed by the New York Philharmonic, has been blocked by the copyright holders in every country. It is possible that at some point they may make it available again as the video has not removed, simply blocked in every country. As ever, I respect the copyright holder's right to do this, but as the video was not monetized (as none of Moonlight Chill's videos are) it is a shame that they did not choose to simply monetize it themselves as other artists do.

Moonlight Chill always encourages all listeners and viewers to support musical artists by purchasing the original pieces, and by leaving open the possibility of those artists monetizing videos to earn an income from each viewing on Moonlight Chill.

We hope to add more music to our channel soon to replace the two pieces recently removed. Thank you for your continued visits and support.