Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Video Removed: Air On The G-String, Bach

Sadly, Moonlight Chill has had its first video removed from YouTube. Air On A G-String, by Johann Sebastian Bach, has been removed due to a copyright claim with regard to the visual content of the video. Technically speaking the video is still on YouTube, but it is now blocked worldwide meaning that nobody can watch it. This may seem like a subtle difference but it is an important one as it means that no strike has been recorded against the YouTube account - for which we are very grateful.

Having videos removed is always a risk when you create compilations of other artist's work, and ultimately it is the copyright holder's right to choose where and when their material appears. Moonlight Chill never monetises its videos, which means that all adverts that appear on the videos go towards providing income for the copyright holders. Moonlight Chill is not (and never will be) a money-making venture. Our sole purpose is to share our love of beautiful music and beautiful imagery.

As the audio content of Air On The G-String was not subject to the same content blocking we will be hoping to re-upload the piece very soon, set to different visual content. As soon as it is uploaded we will update the blog so that you can see the video as soon as it appears on YouTube.

In the meantime, we thank you for your continued interest and support of Moonlight Chill.