As well as uploading our own peaceful and relaxation videos, we have also compiled a number of playlists to help you to enjoy relaxation videos from other contributors without having to waste hours searching through video lists.

General Instrumental (perfect relaxing background music)
75 videos, Running Time: >21 hours

Over twenty-one hours of beautiful instrumental music, carefully compiled to provide the perfect, relaxing background music.

Sleep Peacefully: 3 videos, Running Time: 2 hours 58 minutes

A collection of tranquil, peaceful and calming music that will help you unwind and let the stress drain from your body. Relax, put your feet up and enjoy. All three of the Sleep Peacefully videos from Moonlight Chill, back to back. Three hours of perfect relaxation set to beautiful imagery.

Sleep 1: 8 videos, Running Time: >11 hours

A collection of relaxing and peaceful instrumental videos to help you sleep through the night, or simply just chill out and unwind. Over 11 hours of music perfect for inducing sleep.

Chillout: 45 videos, Running Time: >6 hours

A collection of chill-out tunes, of varying styles, all chosen for their chillout qualities. An evolving and expanding playlist.