Friday, 30 May 2014

Brian Crain - Song For Sienna

The videos created at Moonlight Chill are intended to bring you the most beautiful instrumental music, along with stunning pictures, all to help you relax and chill out. Actually, the very first video was created for me to enjoy and was uploaded so that I could enjoy it whenever I wanted, wherever I happened to be. I created it because I loved the music, and so that very first video contains some of the music that I most enjoy personally. It turned out that others enjoyed the video too though, and so here I am still creating and posting!

It is fitting then that the very first musical piece on that first video is such a beautiful composition. I had no idea where I was going when I began that first video, so the natural place to start was with the piece I enjoyed listening to most at that time - Brian Crain's 'Song For Sienna.'

As with so much of Brian Crain's work, 'Song For Sienna' is a wonderful combination of piano and cello that flows so beautifully, and so naturally, that you cannot help but find your mind at ease within a few moments of the music starting. 'Song For Sienna' is one of those rare works that manages to fit your mood, no matter what your mood.

'Song For Sienna' is taken from Brian Crain's album 'Sienna,' and is available on Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, and Beats Music.

Spotify link to the album 'Sienna':

Please support the Artist by purchasing his album if you enjoy his music.

The pictures that accompany 'Song For Sienna' on the video are all pictures taken of, or near, the village of Mow Cop on the Staffordshire/Cheshire border, a place with many happy memories for me. As with so many other things in life, it was a place that I never fully appreciated the beauty of until it was slipping from the present into the past.

You can listen to 'Song For Sienna' on Sleep Peacefully Vol. 1.