Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Air on a G String - Johann Sebastian Bach (arranged by August Wilhelmj) - Set To The Northern Lights

Air on the G String is August Wilhelmj's arrangement of the second movement in Johann Sebastian Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068.

The original orchestral suite was written by Bach for his patron Prince Leopold of Anhalt some time between the years 1717 and 1723. The title comes from violinist August Wilhelmj's late 19th century arrangement of the piece for violin and piano. By transposing the key of the piece from its original D major to C major and transposing the melody down an octave, Wilhelm was able to play the piece on only one string of his violin, the G string.

The photography is from 'Celestial Lights' by Ole C. Salomonsen

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of the Northern Lights and felt that this haunting piece of music perfectly captured their mystery and elegance.

Originally uploaded to YouTube on 10 Jan 2014